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Postpartum Doula Services

Hourly packages as low as $35 an hour

Postpartum Doula Support is where I come to your home for pre-scheduled "shifts" to support you and your family through the transition of adding another family member (or two!) Things I can do as a postpartum doula include:
- Help care for the infant so mom can get some time to care for herself physically and emotionally. 
- Take on tasks to free up energy and focus including light housekeeping, entertaining older children, meal preparation, and more. 
- Provide referrals to postnatal professionals. 
- Give encouragement, advice, and reassurance on a plethora of topics including infant care, bonding, sibling transitions, and more.

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What kind of things can you do as a postpartum doula?

Each time I come to your home, I ask a few questions to find out what you need the most in that moment. It may be a moment to yourself, a meal, a shower, or encouragement. And sometimes, its all of them! Whatever you need most, I make happen. Whether its preparing a meal so you can eat, settling the baby so you can shower, or entertaining older children so you can enjoy a moment of quiet while your newborn sleeps, I'm here to help with all of it.

What kinds of things can't you do as a postpartum doula?

I cannot diagnose any medical issues, but I can refer you to specialists for any complaints you may have. 

I can't transport you, or your children in my vehicle, and while I can attend to your newborn or older children, an adult must remain on site. 

Where do you provide postpartum doula services?

I will travel up to 30 miles each way from Willoughby, OH. A travel fee will be required beyond that radius.

Do you provide overnight services?

My available hours for postpartum doula services are 5 am to midnight. I can refer several excellent postpartum doulas who provide overnight coverage if that's what you need.

How often and when do you come?

Each shift can be anywhere from 4-6 hours and I can come anywhere from 3-6 days a week. If you need more support than that, there are other doulas I partner with to provide continuous care beyond those shifts.

Postpartum Doula Services: FAQ
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