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Childbirth Education


Personalized for your own needs, in your home, on your schedule. Presented in two sessions.

You choose the topics that are most important to you for us to cover. Some options include: 

- The birth process and stages

- Pain management options

- Breastfeeding

- Relaxation techniques

- Common interventions

- Labor induction techniques

- Postpartum preparation

- What to pack in your hospital bag

Childbirth Education: Service


Why should I take a childbirth education class?

Yes, sometimes ignorance is bliss, but childbirth is such a pivotal moment in the expansion of your family, that being informed and education can change the course of your entire experience. Taking a class will help you learn what questions to ask when presented with the unexpected. It can help get you and your partner on the same page by facilitating dialogue on preferences.

What are the benefits of private class in my home?

The benefit of classes in your home is ultimate flexibility in many ways. We can meet on your schedule. Maybe the best time is 9 am right after your kids go to school on Monday. Maybe it's 10 pm because your spouse works a swing shift. If you have older children, there's no need to find childcare.

You have complete control of the topics covered. You don't need to sit through an hour of hospital birth specifics if you're planning a homebirth. We can skip the "basics" if that's something your already well versed in. 

I am unbiased in the information I provide.  Because I am not being paid by a hospital, I am not beholden to provide information that correlates to their preferences and policies. Since I have worked in many area hospitals, I can still provide knowledge about things like "what is the triage process like" and "do they have tubs for labor available." 

Childbirth Education: FAQ
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