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Birth Doula Services


 Birth Doula Support starts the moment you decide to hire me as your doula. The following services are included: 

- Unlimited virtual support via phone call, text, and e-mail starting once a contract is signed and ending 1-month postpartum.

- Up to three preparation sessions. At least one of these will be at your home. 

- Continuous in-person support beginning at the onset of labor and continuing until a few hours postpartum. 

- Two postpartum meetings, at least one in person, to discuss your transition to postpartum.

Doula at Home
Birth Doula Services: Services


What can a birth doula do?

Each client has different things they need throughout pregnancy, labor and delivery. I customize my approach to meet your needs, but here are things that I provide to most clients. 

Prior to labor I can provide referrals to perinatal professionals, education on labor and birth, assistance in defining your goals and preferences for labor, and an empathetic ear to listen and provide emotional support. 

During labor I provide continuous support that can include pain management techniques, emotional support and encouragement, help identifying when you should go to the hospital or call your homebirth midwife. I support your body and decision making autonomy. 

Immediately after birth I can help you establish feeding whether you choose to breastfeed or formula feed. In the following days or weeks I can provide emotional support and referrals for postnatal support specialists like lactation support or maternal mental health specialists. 

Throughout this entire process, I encourage you to advocate for yourself. 

What can't a birth doula do?

I cannot provide any medical services including cervical checks, fetal heart tone checks, or blood pressure readings. I cannot make medical diagnoses or replace the need for a medical professional at your birth.

How do you support my partner during the birth?

I find that most partners want to be active participants, but often don't know what they can do to help. I love helping them feel included and involved throughout labor and birth. I suggest things they can do and listen to their needs, as well as yours.  I can answer their questions and when labor is long, we can tag team support so that they have a chance to use the restroom, eat, and rest without leaving you to manage labor on your own.

Where do you attend births?

I attend home and hospital births within 30 miles of Willoughby, OH. 

The hospitals I regularly attend births at include: UH Macdonald Women's Hospital, Lake West Medical Center, Tripoint Medical Center, Hillcrest Hospital, Fairview Hospital, and St. John's Medical Center.

Have more questions? Schedule a free consultation.

Birth Doula Services: FAQ
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